Entry #15

Things, so far!

2016-12-04 14:13:19 by Jaime-R


Hope everyone's doin' well.  It's been busy busy busy over the last few months.  Here's what I've been up to till now.

A while back, I helped out with animation for an Adult Swim pilot called "Hot Streets" by Brian Wysol.  They showed it online a while back, but now they're gonna air it on TV tonite!  At 11:30pm EST.  Fuckn excited to finally see it on [AS].


Hopefully it won't be too long before [AS] airs the pilot for "BallMastrz 9669", cuz that was also a helluva lot of fun to work on.  Pretty crazy show, great homage to sci-fi animes of the 90s.

Animated a segment for the Netflix series "Mind of a Chef", a show about famous chefs and what motivates/inspires them to cook.  I did the episode where April Bloomfield talks about her grandma cooking to Al Martino's "Spanish Eyes".  It was an awesome project since I had creative freedom, worked with cool dudes, and it was a merging of my two favorite things into one (animation & cooking).  I can't put up my part until the proper show airs, but its gonna be a doozy once it does.  Surreal & appetizing!


Helped Trist out with animations for Denzel Curry seen here on NG, did art for Too Many Games 2017, and I also did the new DVD cover for Board James that'll be out later on.  


And right now, I'm workin' on a music video for Twiztid.  It's coming along pretty well, very chaotic.  It's gonna end up being very amorphous and... full of gore.  Personally, I'm more into Boards of Canada and ambient stuff like the OST for ".flow" & "OFF", but this song is pretty good and fast paced.  Good exercise in fast animation on 2s for me.

Finally, through all of these projects, I'm still continuing work on my next original work.  Step by step, inch by inch.  Getting a little bit more done with every passing day, closer and closer to the end.  That's where my heart truly lies in the end.  Close to 30secs done.  Always busy...



....Hopefully I get enough work done to be free for MAGfest again.  Just one more month...


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2016-12-04 15:25:16

This is a killer update, awesome to see you working for big names like Adult Swim and Netflix, while also doing music videos AND progressing on your personal project. You're gonna be in high demand in the years to come!

Jaime-R responds:

Thanks dude. :D Its been busy, but work is good.

Lets all do our best heading into the new year.


2016-12-04 17:06:12

i love you jaime <3

Jaime-R responds:

Oh stop it, you. >:3


2016-12-05 13:26:23

Excited to see what more the big JR has in store for the animated world... I've got my Spanish Eyes on you! Keep up the stellar work you powerhouse.


2016-12-06 12:16:46

Is it hard to find animation work living in Jersey or do you work from home keeping contact via etherwebs?

Jaime-R responds:

Thankfully not too hard now. I live a stone's throw away from NYC*, so I can find & work fo the myriad of studios there. Most of the time I work from home with other studios/clients/jobs from anywhere (like Glensdale CA or Burbank CA). Making connections & contacts, having a network of like-minded folks in animation & the arts, practicing and putting your stuff out there for everyone to see... it all comes together.

The beginning is hard af, but don't ever give up tho. Keep practicing, keep improving, and see your work thru to the end to get it out there for the world to see.

*A really, really, really, really powerful stone's throw.


2016-12-07 11:49:49

Thanks for the response and the encouragement dude! Sometimes I really need to hear that. Lately I feel like making a career out of animation is impossible. I too live a stones throw from NYC, about a 2 hour commute. If I may ask one more question; do you have a degree in animation and if so where did you attend? The prices of reputable schools is really disheartening to say the least.

Jaime-R responds:

Lol yea I got a Bachelor degree from AI in Philly and it's worthless. Hasn't helped in the least for work in years. The knowledge & skill you gain from school and how you use it is more valuable than the piece of paper you get at the end. Like I said before, its all about putting your work out there and makin' connections.

Not sayin you shouldn't go to college (NYC got great schools for animation like School of Visual Arts)... just sayin' to stay away from AIPH. Stay FAR away from them.